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Don’t Let Marriage Ruin Your Personal Brand

Building a personal brand is crucial in today’s digital age, especially for women. Your personal brand is what people perceive of you, and it can impact your career opportunities and relationships.

Importance of Naming Convention

Naming conventions are crucial in personal branding, and women face a unique challenge when it comes to this aspect of personal branding. After getting married, a woman’s last name changes, and this can be problematic for branding, particularly if the woman has already established a social presence under her previous name.

Creative Solutions

One solution to the issue of changing last names is breaking the rules and using a unique username that doesn’t incorporate your name. A username that still communicates your brand, profession, or service is an effective way to maintain consistency and avoid confusion.

Here are some examples of creative username pairings you can try:

  • Your professional title plus your first name, example @dradaugo
  • First name plus your middle name and vice versa, example @adaugohelen
  • Your first name plus the service you offer, example @adaugobraids
  • A call to action plus your first name, example @askadaugo
  • Your first name abbreviation combined with any of the above, example @askada
  • A unique nickname that you’re comfortable with, example @litdoc


In conclusion, personal branding is critical, and naming conventions are an essential aspect of it. Women face unique challenges when it comes to personal branding, but there are creative solutions to maintain consistency and avoid confusion when their last name changes.

By using a unique username that communicates their brand, profession, or service, women can maintain their social presence and personal brand identity. Don’t let a change of name derail your personal branding efforts, take control of your online presence today.


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