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LinkedIn Growth hack

Here is my journey towards finding a Linkedin growth hack.

This made me think of the various means of growing my connections. I went searching even on YouTube for LinkedIn growth hack. There was almost little to no detailed information.

I had to think this new strategy out and, tried it out on myself. This process gave me 120 connections by the Monday. On Tuesday, I got so busy that I could barely work as I was meant to, but I realised that I still got 74 new connections, as a spillover of the previous day’s work.

At that moment, I realised that I have created a process, and that is what I’m already willing to share to as many as are those that indicated interest in using this same strategy.

The Problem

Counting from 30th March to 9th May, I knew I had 41days to make 6,138 new connections, as I already had 3,862 connections. When 6,138 is divided out into the 41 days I have, then I know that I must be making approximately, 150 connections each day!

If I were to be sending out only 150 connection request each day, I know I will be greatly running below my target as not all that I sent connection requests to, will accept it. To make up for this I now know that I must follow between 200 to 300
persons per day.

Now, LinkedIn won’t allow you to follow 200 persons at a go because, yes, that will look spammy. If you were to follow that much, how would you be able to predict those that are more likely to respond as quickly as you need it?

The Solution

LinkedIn Growth Hack

To resolve this issue the first plan I devised was how to avoid looking spammy. I must make use of personalized invitations. Next, I would have to spread out the connections throughout the day, to reduce the frequency.

My active hours in a day then was 12 hours (9am to 9pm) as I was fresh out of school and had nothing to do, special thanks to the Covid Lockdown period. What I did was to spread out the following across the hours. For example, the 300 new connection requests, when divided by the 12 hours would equal 25. That is 25 new connections every hour.

To get active users who are very likely to connect back, I had to target first, people I could have a shared value with, and then, people that have shown a sign of being active recently.

The Process

Want more?

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