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What happened in 2019 -Things I can’t easily forget.

What a way to start in 2019!

We didn’t get to see our final year results after our exams. We had to ask questions to be sure there was no issue with any of our courses. When we did, I found out that I failed a departmental course.

A course one would least worry about. As I would fondly say, ‘it’s like failing English in WAEC’. Yet, I passed all the courses I thought I didn’t write too well.

My lecturer told me, “You didn’t do your continuous assessment” (I actually did).

I kept going to the department to know if the error could be corrected, all to no avail. From seeing one person to the other, to waiting hours unending. I kept Making calls as time went by.

As we were getting into 2019. I decided I won’t continue with that lifestyle. It was killing the time that I didn’t have! I decided to take the course again.

I decided to better my skills as a graphic designer by going through more tutorials.

At a point, I decided that I had to define what I wanted to do with my design skills. I started thinking of a uniting point for my graphic skills and my professional training as a Town planner.

That’s how I got into branding and brand strategy. After about 2 years of trying to understand Branding as a term, I now understood it better.

My question changed to, what is the relationship between Design, Branding and Town Planning? My quest was making more sense!

I found ‘Place Branding’ as an aspect of Town planning that one could specialize in.

It gave me a purpose in life! I had to bring this new knowledge down to my people. How would I start? I asked myself.

With these, I have been able to influence how people define me. I have set a purpose for my life and have lubricated my learning process.

It is now getting easier to apply for opportunities that come my way.

Now, the SEO skills that I learned along the line has helped improve the search result(s) that show up when people search for my name.

When I teach, I expect people to learn new things. I expect them to google my name.

Now, I have set the ball rolling in my direction and with God’s grace, I am picking up great momentum.

Goodbye to 2019 and happy new year in advance. 2020 will be greater.

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