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Who is Anthony Chinweuba? 2021

Anthony Chinweuba has mastered the use of tools such as Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop to produce high-quality graphics which could be applied in fields such as Social Media Marketing.

He has shown proficiency in the use of Planning software such as AutoCAD, Google Earth, and other Geographic Information Systems (GIS). As both a student intern and a graduate, he has shown high-interest proficiency in Layout design, Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), Site Analysis and Report Plan (SARP) preparation.

Anthony Chinweuba is currently undergoing training and personal development in the specialty of Place branding. He has good communication skills which have been shown in his leadership and problem-solving experiences and in many teamwork opportunities.

Taught 510+ persons:
🎯 Design principles
🎯 Storytelling and
🎯 LinkedIn

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